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2011-2012 Board of Directors
Frankie Bailey

Home: Albany, NY
Body of Work: The Lizzie Stuart mystery series, a short story, and lots of non-fiction.
Awards: Macavity for Non-fiction; George N. Dove Award
Little Known Fact: I've been a Georgette Heyer fan since I was a teenager. I still live in hope that I will be zapped back in time and find myself whirling around the ballroom at Almack's. A round-trip ticket, of course. And one evening only.


Hank Phillippi Ryan
Vice President / President Elect

Home: Boston, MA
Body of Work: The Charlotte McNally series, The Other Woman (2012)
Awards: Several Agatha, Anthony, Macavity awards for crime fiction; 27 Emmys and 20 Edward R. Murrow awards from investigative reporting.
Little Known Fact: I can make a DQ ice cream cone with a curl on a top and have read the entire Indiana Code of Laws aloud.

Laura DiSilverio

Home: Colorado Springs, CO
Body of Work: Charlie Swift mystery series, Mall Cop mystery series
Awards: Lefty Award finalist for most humorous mystery released in 2010.
Little Known Fact: I’m fond of the saying that sits on my desk beneath a photo of a sailboat on the sea: “You cannot discover new worlds unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Kathryn Wall

Home: Hilton Head SC
Body of Work: The Bay Tanner mysteries and stand-alone titles
Awards: Islander’s Favorite Author (2005, Pat Conroy finished third)
Little Known Fact: I really wanted to be a ballerina, but I never got tall enough.

Martha Reed
Chapter Liaison

Home: Pittsburgh, PA
Body of Work: Short stories in Pearl, Spinetingler, and Mysterical-E. Currently developing a Nantucket series.
Little Known Fact: I won the "Most Beautiful Hat" contest at Malice XX with my entry "Black and White and Read All Over."

Mary Boone
Library Liaison

Home: Bowling Green, OH
Body of Work: I'm happy to be a reader, and lucky that, as a librarian, I get paid to turn readers on to books—especially those by SinC members.
Little Known Fact: I wrote some really bad short stories featuring the Beatles when I was in the sixth grade.

Barbara Fister
Monitoring Coordinator

Home: St. Peter, MN
Body of Work: The Anni Koskinen series, On Edge
Little Known Fact: When I lived in Saudi Arabia, I was an undocumented worker (a librarian without a work permit).

Stefanie Pintoff
Publicity Chair

Home: New York, NY
Body of Work: The Simon Ziele detective series, The Final Option (2013)
Awards: Edgar for Best First Novel, Washington Irving Book Prize, Mystery Writers of America/St. Martin's Minotaur Best First Crime Novel
Little Known Fact: A former president wrote to me after I published my first novel; his letter is framed above my desk.

Sally Brewster
Bookstore Liaison

Home: Charlotte, NC
Body of Work: Owner of Park Road Books, Charlotte, past president of Southeastern Independent Booksellers Association (SIBA).
Little Known Fact: I practice balinatawak (Filipino stick fighting).


Ellen Hart

Home: Minneapolis, MN
Body of Work: The Jane Lawless series and the Sophie Greenway series —26 titles
Awards: Five Lambda Literary Awards/Best Lesbian Mystery, three Minnesota Book Awards/Best Popular Fiction, three Golden Crown Literary Awards/Lesbian Mystery, the 2010 Trailblazer Award, given by the GCLS, Saints & Sinners official Literary Saint, Alice B. Readers Appreciation Medal
Little Known Fact: I love to listen to audio books and color.

Val McDermid

Home: North of England
Body of Work: The Lindsay Gordon, Kate Brannigan, and the Tony hill and Carol Jordan series, stand-alone novels, numerous short stories, and A Suitable Job for a Woman
Awards: CWA Cartier Diamond Dagger 2010 in recognition of more than 20 years' work, numerous Gold Daggers, two Edgars, two Anthonys, The New York Times' Notable Book of the Year, Macavity, Lambda, Dilys, Scotland Magazine's Icon of Scotland, Sherlock, Barry, and many others.
Little Known Fact: Report for Murder was the first novel with a lesbian protagonist officially published in Russia.

Cathy Pickens
Immediate Past President

Home: Charlotte, NC
Body of Work: “Southern Fried” and Charleston mysteries
Awards: St. Martin’s Malice Domestic Award for Best New Traditional Mystery
Little Known Fact: I once was an award-winning clogger (Southern Appalachian square dancing) before I tore my knee (or got too old ...).

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