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Diverse Authors: Frankie’s List

Frankie Y. Bailey, building on work started by the late Eleanor Taylor Bland, began to compile a list of published African American crime writers over a decade ago. As her part of this study, Frankie has expanded the list to include other WOC and LGBT writers. 

We fully acknowledge Eleanor’s initial achievement as well as the contributions of Maria Kelson (the first Eleanor Taylor Bland Grant winner), and Jessie Chandler, both of whom provided content. Nevertheless, the rest of the publishing summit team are delighted to over-rule the protests of the list’s author and name this important and ongoing resource Frankie’s List, after SinC’s first African American president.

Why a List?

On the most practical level, it’s a resource for any organizer of a convention, conference, or festival who is trying to make an event more diverse. It’s a resource for librarians building collections that re ect their communities. It’s a resource for teachers in need of role models for students. It’s also an answer to anyone in the mystery community who claims that diverse authors are not there to be found.

Who Is On It?

SinC has always been open to women and men, although our mission is to support women crime writers in achieving equity. We have taken the decision to include men of color and gay, bisexual and trans men on Frankie’s List—in other words, to be “radically inclusive”—because we believe the difficulties experienced by men in these groups are so similar to the difficulties of women as a group, that to exclude them would be to take a step away from our core values. We have included any author with at least one published mystery novel or three short stories.

We haven’t yet included writers with disabilities. When we discussed the makeup of Frankie’s List, we had still to investigate the experiences of WWD. We suspected that disability might be an unwelcome identification for individuals, as well as being problematic to determine without intrusion. (Read Part 2 of the full Diversity report where we return to this topic). 

Though Frankie’s List focuses on writers, not characters, you may find character lists online, for example at Stan Ulrich & Lucinda Surber’s Stop, You’re Killing Me website.

Growing and Improving Frankie's List

With the aim of being “radically inclusive," we decided we would rather ask for forgiveness than permission and have cast the net widely, including all writers who have self-identified as belonging to these groups.  We warmly invite any published WOC or LGBT writer who would like to be added to Frankie's List . By the same token, if anyone who is on the list would like to be removed please let us know! Request an addition to or removal from Frankie's List.


African American Writers



Ashton, Marguerite
Bailey, Frankie Y.
Baker, Nikki
Bates, Karen Grigsby
Batts, Krys
Bland, Eleanor Taylor (deceased)

Brock, Jill
Brown, Elaine Meryl

Brown, J.L.
Burns, V.M.
Camacho, Austin S.
Canterbury, Patricia E.
Carter, Charlotte
Carter, Stephen L.
Chambers, Christopher
Christy, Cynthia
Clark, Aaron Philip

Clark, Tracy
Clemons, R. Lanier 
Coleman, Evelyn

Collette, Abby
Croom, Janice 
Darden, Christopher
Davis, Kyra
DeLoach, Nora (deceased)
Dickey, Eric Jerome

Dolson, Nikki
Edwards, Grace F.

Fitzgerald, Cordy
Flowers, R. Barri
Ford, Clyde
Fullilove, Eric James
Gardner, Danny 
Garland, Ardella (pen name of Yolanda Joe)
Garrett, Kellye
Gordon, Alexia
Greer, Robert
Grimes, Terris McMahan
Hall, Rachel Howzell
Hardwick, Gary
Harris, Marietta
Hayes, Teddy
Haywood, Gar Anthony (also writes as Ray Shannon)
Head, Cheryl A.
Henry, Angela
Holton, Hugh (deceased)
Jackie, Sonja (pen name of Sonja Hazzard)
James, R. Franklin
Johnson, Keith Lee

Johnson, Kim
Jolivet, Myra
Jones, Solomon
Jones, Stephen Mack
Kabongo, Gledé Browne
Kelley, Norman
Lamar, Jake

Lane, Michael R.
Lawrence, Deliah
Locke, Attica
Lovell, Glenville
Mallette, Gloria

Mason, Felicia Mason
Meadows, Lee
Mickelbury, Penny
Miller, C.M.
Mosley, Walter
Neely, Barbara
Olden, Marc
Osborne, Karen E.
Phillips, Gary

Pitts, Delia C.
Quartery, Kwei
Ramsey, Gail
Rhodes, Jewell Parker
Richardson, Gwen
Robinson, Angela ( lm and TV writer)
Rudolph, Wally
Ridley, John
Samuels-Young, Pamela

Sargeant, Patricia/Olivia Matthews
Singer, Gammy
Smith, Andrea
Smith, Brian W.
Smith, Ian
Smith-Levin, Judith (deceased)

Snowden, Faye
Swafford, Erika Green (TV writer)
Thomas-Graham, Pamela
Tramble, Nichelle D.
Underwood, Blair

Vandiver, Abby L.

Walker, Margie

Walker, Persia
Wesley, Valerie Wilson
West, Chassie

Wilkerson, Elizabeth
Woods, Paula L. 


Asian American / Asian Writers

Bradeen, Marla (aka Paige Sleuth)
Cha, Steph
Chang, Henry
Chang, Leonard
Chien, Vivien

Chow, Jennifer J.
Chupeco, Rin

Eldridge, Tori
Furutani, Dale
Gerritsen, Tess
Goenawan, Clarissa

Hillier, Jennifer
Hirahara, Naomi
Kim, Angie
Lee, Don
Lee, YS
Lin, Ed
Ng, Celeste
Revoyr, Nina
Rowland, Laura Joh
Tan, Anne R.

Wong, S.G.
Xiaolong, Qiu
Yi, Melissa
Yu, Ovidia

South Asian American / South Asian / South Asian British Writers

Claverton, Rosie 
Jacob, Mira
James, Tania
Khan, Ausma Zehanat
Kirchner, Bharti 
Massey, Sujata
Pandian, Gigi
Swarup, Vikas
Vatsal, Radha 


Hispanic/Latino/a Writers

Acevedo, Mario
Anaya, Rudolfo A.

Aymar, E.A.

Clark, Tracy

Cochet, Charlie

Colon, Angel Luis
Corpi, Lucha
Cortez, Sarah (editor of anthologies)
Garcia-Aguilera, Caroline
Gaspar de Alba, Alicia
Hinojosa-Smith, Rolando
Lantigua, John
Lefeve, Claudia
LoPinto, Charles and Llamas LoPinto, Lidia
Maldonado, Isabella

Marks, Rhonda A.

Martinez, Liz
Narvaez, R.
Nava, Michael
Ortiz, Martin Hill
Ramos, Manuel
Roman, A. E.
Segura, Alex

Stewart, Diana Munoz
Thurlo, Aimée (deceased)
Torres, Steven
Vasquez, Ian
Villatoro, Marcos McPeek
Zamorano, Desiree


Native American Writers

Cox, Jessie
Erdrich, Louise
Hogan, Linda
Hoklotubbe, Sara Sue
Holm, Tom

Martinez, Liz
Owens, Louis

Rendon, Marcie R.
Rodriguez, Linda
Smith, Martin Cruz

Weiden, David Heska Wanbli
Welch, James

LGBT Writers

Aptaker, Ann

Bird, Tammy

Brown, J.L.

Chandler, Jessie

Cochet, Charlie
Copenhaver, John
de Helen, Sandra

DeMarco, Joseph R.G.

Deoul, Stefani
Ettritch, Sarah

Fargo, Layne
Forrest, Katherine V.
Friend, Catherine
Gordon, Josie
Gordon, Max
Griffiths, Nicola

Hannah, Mari
Hart, Ellen

Hawkins, Alis
Head, Cheryl A.
Herren, Greg
Hill, Gerri
Hunter, Fred

Isabella (only one name)
James, Renee

Karst, Leslie
Kelleher, Dharma

Kimberling, Nicole
Lake, Lori L.
Lepionka, Kristen 
Lynch, Katie
Maiorisi, Catherine
McDermid, Val
MacGregor, K. G.

Massey, Gale
McNab, Claire
Marks, Jeffrey

Nacht, Clancy

Osgood, Karen Jean
Padgett, Abigail

Plakcy, Neil
Redmann, J. M.
Roberts, Ann

Schraeder, E. F.
Scoppettone, Sandra
Sherman, Scott

Shreve, Brad
Silva, Linda Kay
Sims, Elizabeth
Sweeney, Kate
Summer, Mary Elizabeth
Vali, Ali
Waters, Sarah
Wilson, Jon Morgan
Yu, Ovidia

Zubro, Mark



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