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Approving a New Member (Pending Request) for your Group
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As the administrator of your group, you will receive requests from SinC National members who wish to join your group.  You get a message from the system letting you know that you have a pending member request, but what to do now?

All administrative options for our chapter groups are available after you sign in to your own personal profile and then visit your chapter group.  Follow these steps.

Step 1:  Go to and sign in.  You should be immediately taken to your profile (if not, just click "Manage Profile" at the top of the page.

Step 2:  Click on "Groups" (it's far at the bottom under the Community section).


 ...still scrolling... 


Step 3:  You should see your chapter listed.  Click the chapter name.  (Note: If you visit this page and you don't see your chapter, you need to contact so that adjustments can be made. If you see a blue torso next to the chapter name, that indicates that you are listed as one of the administrators for the group.  Your and your chapter officers are chapter group administrators.)


Step 4: Chapter Group Home.  This is the basic information about your chapter.  NOTE: All members of the group can see the "directory & features" and "options", but only you (and other chapter admins) can see and access the links in the red bar under those -- "Group Admin Options" or "Change Homepage Layout".  




Step 5:  Hover your mouse over the blue-colored Group Admin Options to access the drop-down menu.  This is located the red bar that is under the directory & features link.  



Step 6: Click View Pending Members under Member Management section.



Step 7:  Review your pending member requests.  You can approve or deny them. If you don't recognize them as one of your members, you can click on the name in order to message/email them before you make the approval/denial.



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