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How to Change Your Privacy Settings
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From the homepage:

1.  Sign in with your username and password.

2.  Click Member Profile.

3.  Click the Edit Bio icon.

Now you can review ALL your privacy settings in your member profile.  You can toggle the icon located at the left of each of your data fields. There are three levels of privacy:

  • Private (Not Visible in Profile) = Red Closed Lock Icon
  • Members Only (Visible to Members) = Person Icon
  • Public (Visible to Everyone) = Green Open Lock Icon

Fields where privacy settings can be changed by you:

  • E-mail Address
  • Contact Information: Address, City/Town, Country, State, Postal Code, Phone (we originally set these all to PRIVATE and recommend that you keep them set to PRIVATE).
  • Professional Information: City/Town, Country, State, Postal Code, Genre, Member Category, Most Recent Title Published, Most Recent Publisher, Pen Name, Blog Address, Twitter Handle

Advice from authors:

  • Setting your email and contact details to PRIVATE is fine, especially if you have your own author website, where members of the public can contact you.
  • Setting your email to PUBLIC can work too, but be sure to use a separate email that is just for your work/author life.
  • Test your profile yourself.  Try using the Member Directory (logged in of course) to see what your profile looks to another Member.  Make changes until you are satisfied!

If you have any questions about privacy settings, please contact Sarah at

Note Well:  There is a field called "Include on Author Map" that can be toggled from "yes" to "no".  This does not update in real time as we pull our data to create author maps twice a year (April and November). Changing it to "no" will eventually drop you from the list, but this is manually done by our webmaven.  Also, we have taken steps to limit the data revealed in the author map and it will not link directly back to your private member record.

Also, please know that any changes you make do take time to take effect.  Google (and other search engine) bots will continue to crawl and make searchable any data that you have marked with the privacy setting of "public", so changing something to private can take up to 24 hours to take effect.  A good test is to either open a "private or incognito" browser OR clear your browser your data cache and THEN test your entry the next day to see how it looks.

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