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Chapter Anthology Guidelines
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(updated 2007)

Anthology Permission Form (required)

1. Unless specifically approved in advance by SinC National, the use of the Sisters in Crime name or the Sisters in Crime logo anywhere on the publication is strictly prohibited, with the following exceptions:

1a. Copyright may be assigned to the Chapter with a copyright notice on the back of the title page, e.g. ©2006 Chesapeake Chapter of Sisters in Crime.

1b. In prefatory material, back cover or advertising copy Chapters may use such language as “15 stories contributed by members of the Chesapeake Chapter of Sisters in Crime” or “Proceeds to benefit the Chesapeake Chapter of Sisters in Crime.”  The language must make it clear that it's a chapter publication.

1c. The language "Sisters in Crime" must not appear on the front cover.

1d. The use of the Sisters in Crime logo anywhere on the publication is strictly prohibited.

1e. Please send your anthology's cover art to the national board chapter liaison at for approval BEFORE publication.

2. Submissions must be open, and blind. Sisters in Crime does not favor one member over another member; therefore, inviting some authors to submit stories while others must compete for a place in the anthology is not in compliance with an open and blind selection process.

3. Submissions must not be solicited as part of a contest where the “winner” will receive a “prize” of cash and/or publication. Competitions in which there are first, second, and third-place “winners” are prohibited.

4. All submissions accepted for publication must be from current SinC National members in good standing.

5. No fee may be charged to an individual to submit a story.

6. Judging of stories will be by a panel of volunteers; no fee will be paid to judges. Judges can be SinC members or industry professionals, but in no case will fees be paid to judges.

7. A Chapter may have a volunteer editor (or editors) or they may choose to hire a professional editor.

8. In dealing with publishers, whether traditional or subsidized, Chapters will appoint a single person to serve as publishing contact, e.g. the editor, Chapter president, Chapter treasurer, or other Chapter official who is authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of the Chapter.

9. Chapters will require the authors of stories selected for inclusion in the anthology to sign a contract which attests that the story is the sole work of the author; that the work is original; that the work does not infringe upon anyone’s copyright, trademark, proprietary, privacy or publicity rights; that the work is not defamatory, obscene or otherwise contrary to law; that the author has obtained all necessary permissions; and finally, that "the author agrees to indemnify [the name of the Chapter], its officers, employees, and agents against all cost, expense,and damage arising from any breach by Author of these warranties, actual or claimed, if sustained."

10. Advances and royalties will accrue to the Chapter.

11. Chapters shall be allowed to pay, out of chapter funds, reasonable expenses incurred during the production, sale and promotion of an anthology. Allowable expenses include postage, deliveries, phone calls, and copying; copyediting or editorial fees; legal costs for contract review; agent commissions (for traditionally published anthologies); set-up costs such as ISBN purchase (for self-published anthologies); purchase of copies for sale by the chapter; registering and maintaining an anthology website; and advertising and other expenses incurred for book promotion.

12. A Chapter may decide to pay a percentage of the advance/royalties to contributors on an equal, pro-rata basis. Paying contributors on a per word basis is inherently unfair, and favors the long-winded. Acceptable models include:

12a. 50% to the Chapter, and the remaining 50% divided equally among the contributors – i.e. 50% to the Chapter and if there are 15 contributors, each gets 1/15 of 50%.
12b. A token fee might be paid to each contributor. We suggest $25 at minimum because that counts toward accumulating the $200 a member needs to qualify for active membership in professional writing organizations such as MWA.

13. A chapter may consider an anthology editor or editors as one additional contributor in dividing royalties or paying contributor fees.

14. Chapters wishing to produce an anthology should obtain a permission form from the board Chapters Liaison, and submit their plan to the Chapters Liaison, who will coordinate board review of the plan and notify the chapter of any potential issues.

15. Failure to follow any of the above rules may result in suspension of a chapter's anthology-publishing privileges for a period to be determined by the national board.

16. These rules shall not be retroactive. Any chapter that published an anthology prior to issuance of these rules should make sure that National is aware of their anthology so it can be included in the list of anthologies that are grandfathered. Additionally, chapters should make efforts where possible to bring preexisting anthologies into compliance with rule 1 by modifying the cover or title page if an anthology is reprinted (or as soon as possible, in the case of anthologies available on a Print on Demand basis). Chapters that have anthologies in progress at the time when these rules go into affect are asked to follow the new permission process, which the board will make every effort to expedite.

17. Anthologies that do not meet these standards must be privately organized and produced, e.g. “Susie Santiago, Joan Jaspers and Henry Higgins invite you to submit a short story to an anthology to be titled…"

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