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Education Grant Program for SinC Members 2018
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SinC will support YOU in learning your craft!

The Education Grant program will award grants of up to $150 to individual SinC members for writing-related education.

Sisters in Crime will award grants to at least 100 members in 2018 on a first-come, first-served basis, until the budget of $15,000 for the scholarship program is allocated, and on December 1st we will open up applications for 2019.

Eligibility: The only requirement to apply is you must be a current member of Sisters in Crime.

Frequency: Every five years. To be eligible, a member must have five years of consecutive membership to apply for another grant. Example: Member receives a grant in 2018; she can apply for another grant to be used in 2023 as long as she remains a member in the years 2019-2023.

When are funds disbursed? After the workshop, class, or conference. Proof of expenditure, in the form of a receipt, must be submitted with this form. Member will receive a check from SinC.

Cancellation: A grant application can be cancelled at any time, and doesn’t count against the “every five years” requirement.

Note: if the grant amount used is less than $150, a member cannot apply for another grant to use the balance. The member must wait another five years.

When can a member apply? The program opened March 1, 2018 for scholarships to be used in 2018. In 2019, the application period begins December 1st.

Scholarship grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, for the calendar year, at least 14 days in advance of the opportunity’s date. Once the budgeted funds are allocated, the program will be shut down on this page and applications will no longer be allowed.

NOTE: Because the designated funds come through Authors Coalition of America, the funds are for use by U.S. authors, the board has designated pro-rated funding for Canadian members. The allocated monies for Canadians has been used for 2018, New funding will be available for 2019.

Eligible educational opportunities. These are limited to a pre-selected list (see below) from which members can choose, and will include opportunities such as:

  • Conferences with an education focus. Talks on craft, pitch sessions with publishers and agents, critiques, master classes
  • Programs like Writers Police Academy specifically geared toward subject-matter knowledge
  • Workshops or classes on the craft and business of writing
  • Established SinC chapter classes, workshops and conferences

What about Writers Police Academy? WPA is a special case. In 2018, SinC will subsidize up to 100 members who are first time attendees to WPA, with a block grant to WPA that reduces their registration cost by $150. If a member registers for 2018 WPA and thereby takes advantage of that $150 subsidy, that will count as her educational grant for 2018, and she won’t be eligible for another grant until 2023 after five consecutive years of SinC membership. In 2019, instead of the block grant, WPA will go on the list of approved educational opportunities so members can apply for an individual grant to attend WPA.

Don't see your favorite conference or workshop? Members may suggest a workshop or conference to be added to the 2019 approved list by by sending an email to the Education Grant program administrator. Include a title, website, and justification for inclusion on the list. These suggestions do not necessarily have to be genre-specific; however, retreats and fan conferences like Malice Domestic, Left Coast Crime, and Bouchercon are not eligible. Marketing classes are not eligible, though conferences with a marketing track are, as long as the overall conference/workshop focuses on education in writing. Additions to the approved list will be made before the 2019 grant period opens.

Eligible expenses: Registration, tuition, meals if bundled, pitch sessions, master classes, manuscript critiques. Not eligible: Travel, lodging, or separately priced meals like banquets.

2018 Eligible Educational Opportunities (Click this Link to See More Information about Each):

  • Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference
  • Crime Bake
  • Killer Nashville
  • Magna cum Murder
  • Novelists Inc Conference
  • Script DC
  • CraftFest
    • Gotham Writers Workshop
    • Guppy Classes
    • Masterclass Online (writing courses only)
    • RWA University
    • Writing classes offered by educational institutions (universities, colleges, continuing education or for-credit)

Education Grant Applications are accepted only for activities that fall in 2018.   Please allow 14 days for a response. If grant approval is essential for your participation in the workshop, class, or conference, then factor that delay into your decision to attend.

(members-only access, so be sure that you are signed in first)


Any questions, please contact us at 

Finished taking your class?  Have your receipt ready?  Let us know by completing this reimbursement form and we'll get your check in the mail as soon as we can.


Do you like to plan ahead? 

2019 Eligible Educational Opportunities. Applications for 2019 will open on December 1, 2018.  


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