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Frequently Asked Questions
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I am a professional member and will soon need a book editor for my first mystery novel. Is there a way for me to find an editor through SinC?

We do have editors as members of Sisters in Crime, and you certainly can use the member directory to find them, but the best way to find an editor that fits you would be to ask other authors for recommendations!


I am unpublished writer who plans to self-publish. Which member category should I choose?

It doesn't matter if you are traditionally published, self-published or unpublished, if you are a writer you should choose the "professional" membership category. 


New writers, educate yourself before signing on with any company, publishing house or person offering a service. 

Be aware of scams that prey on new writers.  We recommend visiting the Writers Beware website or blog (a project sponsored by the SFWA, MWA, HWA, and the ASJA)  for information about how to protect yourself as a new writer. 

The business of writing can be the harder piece of your writing career to navigate. 


Technical Questions

I can't get the system to recognize my address during renewal/registration/check-out. I keep looping back to the same screen! Why?

Upon troubleshooting this for other members in the past, we have learned that is either the browser (specifically internet explorer) causing the problem or it is that the user doesn't realize that the system is suggesting a version of the address that the postal system would prefer to use. If this is the case, you just have to actually highlight the address being suggested by clicking directly on that address and then clicking "save".


It doesn't like my new password! Why?

It probably doesn't meet the new requirements for password safety:  You must have 8 characters (at a minimum) and also use a number or special character and use mixture of upper and lower case letters. Our advice is to pick a short phrase and replace some of the characters with numbers. "I like ice cream!" would be "ILike1ceCream!" or "1likeIceCre@m" would both work. You can also authenticate with your Facebook login.  If you set that up, you'll never have to remember your password!


How can I edit my Wall?

The only way to edit a specific post on your wall is to copy the text, then delete the post and then re-post your information with the necessary edits.


What is the difference between my Wall and my Feed?

The profile Feed lists all activity that takes place while you (the member is logged-in. This includes activities such as joining a group, adding a photo to their personal gallery, making a post to a forum, etc.).

The member profile Wall acts as a point of contact between you and other members. For example, a member can post a status update to their own wall. Additionally, other members who have access to their profile can make text posts as well.


I just updated my member profile! Why don't my changes show in the directory or author search?!?!

Ah yes, this is confusing. Our web site re-indexes itself on a regular cycle. When you make your updates, you could see your changes anywhere between 1 minute and 24 hours, it just depends on where we are in the cycle. When you do go back to check, do be sure to clear your internet browser cache.


I keep getting email notifications whenever a member updates her profile. How can I make this stop?

Sign-in-->Click Manage Profile-->Click Preferences-->Unselect the following: Groups--Email me when someone in one of my groups updates their profile.-->Save.

You might want to take time to review all your preferences.




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