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Connect with Facebook
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New Feature!  You can now connect your Sisters in Crime account with Facebook, simplifying your login process.  Sign in to Facebook, sign in to your Sisters account, click the button to link them, and you are all set.  After completing this simple process, anytime you return to the Sisters website, it will remember you. No more forgetting your password.

Step 1: Login to Facebook.

Step 2: Return to

Step 3: Click the blue "Facebook Connect" button in the Sign In box. You should see a screen similar to below, and do "click here" to continue.


Step 4: You must enter your login credentials for Sisters in Crime and click the yellow "sign-in button".

Step 5: Now that you are signed in to Facebook AND to Sisters in Crime, you must affirm that you wish link the two accounts. Click "Yes, Link My Accounts".  You can also unlink them later.


Step 6 (additional information): You will see the Manage Profile screen. If you look on the left under your photo, you should now see the words "Facebook Connection". The image you use on Facebook should be shown there. If you click "Manage Connection" you will be taken to the page where you can unlink the accounts (if you want).



Step 7 (optional): If you clicked "Manage Connection" shown under your Facebook image, you will be given the option to uncouple your accounts. If you keep your accounts linked, you will see this screen every time you return to the Sisters in Crime website because it will remember you. Click "no" to proceed to your profile if you do NOT want to unlink the accounts.

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