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Chapter Event Grant Guidelines
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Adopted: August 22, 2017

SinC National provides a set budget amount for annual chapter grants at the beginning of each calendar year. These grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the budget is exhausted, no matter what month, no more grants will be awarded for that calendar year. We recommend chapters plan to apply as early as possible.

If funds are available, the SinC Board considers and discusses grant proposals before voting to approve, modify, or decline the application.

Please use the following as a guide when planning your application. The Board uses all of the factors to determine suitability of the grant. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Grant events must meet the core requirement: three equally important objectives:

  • Has some benefit for current members, including potential reach to reading public
  • Attracts potential new members
  • Promotes the SinC name/brand

Acceptable Event Types

Festivals, conferences, workshops, special guest speakers/presentations, library events

Events with special restrictions

Anthology launch parties: grant limit of $250 and the anthology must be a SinC approved publication with SinC member contributions.

Acceptable Use of Funds

Booth/table rental fees, entry fees, booth/table décor (signage, banners), speaker fees/travel, facility rental, event insurance, pre-event marketing materials, advertising (event-specific)

Unacceptable Use of Funds

Food & beverage, chapter marketing materials (bookmarks, flyers, pins), chapter promotional materials (chapter totes, pens, note pads)


Must be open to every member of SinC and members of the public. Any author who benefits from the event (i.e., signs and sells books, reads from her work) must be a member of national SinC. Exception: authors who are invited workshop speakers.

Chapter Membership

Chapter leadership has ensured that chapter members are also members of SinC; the chapter group on the SinC website has tagged chapter members and is up-to-date.


Prepare a detailed budget for the event.

(Need an example? You can download this simple event budget spreadsheet (microsoft excel) for your chapter to use.  You can also download this in both a  PDF or WORD version that mirrors the questions on the form).


Include all PR avenues of outreach such as print, social media, and local awareness. The application must describe Chapter PR efforts and other Event PR efforts. A PR announcement suitable for sharing (the SinC National website, periodic email blasts, and/or our newsletter, InSinC) is required on the application, along with an event contact person.


  • All grant-funded events, regardless of event type or budget, must be open to all current SinC members, regardless of chapter (affiliated or not) or SinC member location. The public (e.g. fans, readers, other non-SinC members) must be invited to the event.
  • Every author who benefits from the event must be a SinC member. For example, authors who sell books and/or read from their work at the event must belong to SinC. The exception is an author who is invited to speak at an event.
  • All chapter members must also be members of SinC national, and tagged on the SinC website as belonging to the chapter group. Please have your verified member list ready to send to our webmaven, Sarah Glass.
  • Each grant is awarded to a single event: even if this event has been funded in the past, a new grant request must be submitted each year.
  • Event Postponed: If your event is postponed, please contact our webmaven, Sarah Glass. She will update your paperwork; no further updates necessary. An event is considered postponed if the event date has moved within the same calendar year and the event itself remains the same. If the event is moved into the next calendar year, a new application must be submitted.
  • Event Cancelled: If your event is cancelled, please contact our webmaven, Sarah Glass. She will cancel the grant. If you wish to receive a grant for a new or replacement event, you’ll need to reapply.
  • Limit: Chapters may receive up to $1000 in grants (whether a single grant or multiple grants) per calendar year.


  • Grant applications must be received a minimum of 90 days prior to event. Applications received less than 90 days before event will not be considered.
  • Chapters will receive notice of Approval/Rejection within 30 days of application.
  • Reimbursement documentation must be submitted within 30 days after event, and must include completion of the online form -- see reimbursement request form
  • Payment will be sent within 30 days of receipt of reimbursement request.

The above has been compiled and approved by: THE SISTERS IN CRIME NATIONAL BOARD.

Ready to Submit Your Chapter's Grant Request?

Before you continue on to the grant request form itself, you will need to have many pieces of information ready, including your budget.  The new form is broken into smaller sections that you can save and return to should you need to pause to gather any missing information.

Also, don't forget that you receive your grant funds AFTER the event and only AFTER you have submitted your receipt(s) for reimbursement.

Yes, I have read these grant guidelines, and I am ready to review and complete the grant request form.

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