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How to Add Photos to Your Photo Album
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Step 1:  If you have just added your own profile image, you can navigate to your personal photo album from this same page using the link "personal photo album" in the directions. If you have already left that page, you can access your photo gallery on your Manage Profile page.


Step 2: Here's what your Photos page should look like when it's completely empty. I have no albums and no photos, but you can see the grey box that says "drop photos here or click to upload".


Step 3: Choose Files for Upload (you can drag and drop or you can select using your own finder). Having the photos you want to use in a separate folder on your desktop makes it easier to find and move the photos you want to use.

Step 4: Loading Images. Below you will see that the images I selected are loading. Each photo has it's own green progress bar showing where in the process you are.


Step 5a: Adding a Description. Here I accidentally added a comment when I wanted to add it to the description. The description is the first box under my profile picture withe the two icons the disk and the red cancel logo. Add your description there and click the disk to save your description. You can always edit or delete your description at any time.


Step 5b: Adding a Comment. I deleted my first comment by clicking the x in the upper right corner and then added this new one that just says "Cute!" Click the white x in the upper right hand corner to exit this one photo.


Step 6a: Select all photos for settings. Under existing photos, I click "All" and every picture I have uploaded will be selected for the next action. You can see that they have gone slightly dim and have the green check mark in the upper left hand corner.


Step 6b: You can change the photo settings for your photos. Visibility can be toggled to members only or public. 


Step 6c: Here you can see I've set visibility to Members only; You can see the choices for comments: not allowed, at all, allowed by your connections or allowed only by members. 


Step 6d: You can also just select one photo at a time when adjusting the settings.



Step 7a:  If you are a writer, you might want to have a photo album called Book Covers to showcase all your published books.  You need to click "Manage Albums" (circled in orange below) which is an option that appears in blue text on your photos page.


Step 7b: Create a new photo album. From the manage photo albums page, you will see the box where you can enter a new photo album name. Hit submit.


Step 8: After creating a photo album, you have to return to view All photos. You can see below my new album called My Children next to the 'stack of All Photos. The album is empty which is why it is the color grey.



Step 9: Select Photos for your Album. The album name you just created should show in the Add to Album drop down choice list. Be sure to hit Submit.


Step 10: Completed to New Album. You can see the new album listed, and if you click on the album you can view the photos that you have moved into it. Have fun!



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