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Library Champion
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Sisters in Crime has invested in America's Libraries by becoming a Library Champion with the American Library Association. Click here to see our page of recognition at ALA's website and here to see their 2015 wall of honor for 2015.

Investing In America's Libraries
ALA’s Library Champion program was launched by a select group of corporate and foundation supporters who joined together to form a broad-based group to advocate for libraries and the library profession. The Campaign for America’s Libraries and its @ your library ® brand—which now supports libraries across the nation by fostering public awareness on the extensive range of services available at their community library—was established from their vision.

Today, the Library Champion program continues to build upon their incredible success and encourages the next generation of corporations and foundations to join them in a call to action and powerfully proclaim the importance of the library in American society.

Through our Library Champions program, you will directly contribute to ALA’s Campaign for America’s Libraries, a strategic communications effort about the value and benefits of libraries. This is done through national media outreach, partnerships and free public awareness tools in an effort to support libraries on a local level. ALA’s Library Champions have the opportunity to become closely engaged in our work on behalf of libraries. Being a Library Champion helps support the work of libraries in our communities on a national level. ALA considers its Library Champions among our greatest proponents. Companies can become a Library Champion by making a $5,000 contribution, 80% of which is used to support the Campaign for America’s Libraries, one of ALA’s most successful public awareness and advocacy programs.

Why Support ALA and Libraries?
According to recent polls nearly all Americans – 98 percent – agree that libraries play an important role in giving everyone a chance to succeed. Another 92 percent of respondents expect libraries to continue to be needed in the future, despite increased availability of information on the internet. Released in April, 2009, ALA’s State of America’s Libraries, details soaring library use along with diminishing library funding. In response, ALA continues to develop comprehensive communications for the national press and tool kits for libraries to use at the local level. This combination of national and local efforts keeps the attention on the lifeline libraries provide communities and the value they offer. Through the generous support of our contributors – including our Library Champions – ALA is able to dedicate the necessary resources to increase awareness of the value and benefit of public, school, academic and special libraries on a national level.

Libraries support families and workers in a challenging economy. As the economy continues its slow recovery, libraries nationwide continue to play an important role in communities everywhere, as people turn to them for free entertainment, to connect to the Internet and look for jobs. Read more.

Libraries are a cornerstone of education.
A survey commissioned by the Texas Library Association shows that people view their libraries as a good value for their tax dollars, and support more funding for public and school libraries. 99% of those surveyed believe school libraries are an essential part of education. 94% agree that school librarians are critical to student achievement. A 93% majority supports legislation that would require public schools to provide a school library and librarian that meet statewide standards. Read more.

Libraries build community.
Libraries are uniquely local institutions that reflect and sustain their individual communities. Far more than collections of books, today's libraries are places to meet, use a computer, view an exhibit or get help with homework. Working in partnership with government, education, business and civic organizations, libraries of all types - public, school, college and university - provide services and programs that support literate, productive and informed communities. Read more.

Libraries deserve our support.
Libraries provide resources and information to visitors from every walk of life. They offer value to visitors of any age, and house the necessary tools for lifelong learning. Supporting the efforts of ALA on behalf of our nation's libraries, including our Campaign for America’s Libraries, means supporting a cornerstone of American life: access to information is essential to our democracy, our freedom of speech and the educational development of the citizens of our nation.

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