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Strategic Plans and Goal Setting
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Strategic Plan – 2018-2019


In January 2018, President Kendel Lynn led the Board of Directors in its quinquennial efforts to understand the organization’s position with its membership, its potential for growth, its avenues to enhance stability and loyalty.

Working with a professional strategic planning firm with a focus on growth-based analysis, Kendel used historical data and analytics, member surveys, and internal interviews to prepare an actionable Strategic Plan. 

“What a wonderful opportunity for me to have led the organization’s strategic efforts; the new programs, processes, and policies are as exciting as they are exceptional.”  

- Kendel Lynn 
President, Board of Directors, 2017-2018


Using this Executive Summary as its guide, the 2018-2019 Board of Directors began implementing some of the organizations most vigorous growth strategies and program expansions in its history (members only sign in required).



We invite you to read this Executive Summary. Not only will you learn more about our cherished organization, you will come away with a greater understanding of your member benefits, both current and to come.  

Click here to view the pdf presentation (members-only sign-in required).


And finally, a note from Kendel Lynn...Please allow me to offer words of gratitude to the members of the 2017-2018 board who graciously (and repeatedly) participated in surveys and interviews. They freely and openly shared their opinions, and shined the light in all the dark corners. Sherry Harris, Susan Shea, Karen Pullen, Tina Whittle, Kellye Garrett, Shari Randall, Debra Goldstein, Julie Hennrikus, G.M. Malliet, Lori Roy, Diane Vallere, Sarah Glass, Beth Wasson, and Molly Weston.

A special shout-out to Sherry Harris, Lori Rader-Day, and Barb Ross. They went beyond embracing the Strategic Plan, dedicating countless hours to making multiple vital changes. Simply put, these warriors moved that ball down the field like the champions they are. Lastly, I am grateful for the counsel of past presidents Cathy Pickens, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Catriona McPherson, and Leslie Budewitz. I couldn’t have made it through my board term, much less manage the Strategic Plan, without them.

Strategic Plan – 2013


In June 2013, President Hank Phillippi Ryan and Vice President Laura DiSilverio led the enthusiastic Sisters in Crime volunteer leaders and staff to continue the progress made from the 2008 Strategic Plan. They met in Chicago, and along with an expert facilitator, they spent three solid days re-examining SinC’s mission, vision and goals. 

The 2013 team emerged confident they had had gone a long way toward constructing not only a Strategic Plan, but also relationships that would serve as a bridge from SinC’s past to its future, better link chapters with national, and connect members with each other and the opportunities they seek.  The room crackled with energy!

“Everything in this plan was earnestly discussed and debated before we reached consensus. Brainstorming grew enthusiastic and dynamic as we raced to share the new ideas that emerged. The sense of commitment to SinC raised goosebumps—and the passion was inspirational.”

- Hank Phillippi Ryan
President, Board of Directors, 2012-2013





We invite you to read this detailed Strategic Report. With the dedication of the board team, along with past presidents jumping in to lend a hand, this organization grew stronger because of these planning efforts.

Click here to view the pdf presentation (members-only sign-in required).


Let us all thank the members of the strategic team: Hank Phillippi Ryan, Frankie Bailey, Sally Brewster, Judy Clemens, Cari Dubiel, Barbara Fister, Kate Flora, Sarah Glass, Martha Reed, Marcia Talley, Beth Wasson, Molly Weston—for their time, energy, ideas, and dedication. We also want to thank Bill Pawlucy of Association Options for facilitating.

Finally, we thank each and every one of you, SinC members, for your commitment to Sisters in Crime
and to that magnificent passion we share: excellent crime writing.

Strategic Plan – 2008


In 2008, President Roberta Isleib and the 2007-2008 Board of Directors came together at Bouchercon in Baltimore to construct the first-ever Strategic Plan. This vigorous session helped guide the organization into the next five years. It kept us on track to attain non-profit status as a 503(c)6 organization that reduced our taxes and thereby increased the size of our spendable budget, helped us increase our membership, enabled us to increase the number and types of educational opportunities we offer our members, kept the monitoring program on point, steered us toward robust social media and website presences, and much more.  

“At the first strategic planning session for Sisters in Crime, this group of volunteers spent two days plotting the best future path for our organization. The energy and dedication shone through into a wonderful map for SinC’s goals—I was proud to be part of the team!”

- Roberta Isleib
President, Board of Directors, 2007-2008


We invite you to read this summary to understand how the dedicated efforts of Sisters in Crime board volunteers come together to strengthen the organization.

Click here to view the pdf presentation (members-only sign-in required).

That plan is largely responsible for SinC being the dynamic, growing, engaged organization it is today, and we owe its drafters a debt of gratitude: Roberta Isleib, Judy Clemens, Marcia Talley, Kathy Wall, Mary Saums, Jim Huang, Donna Andrews, Margaret Coel, Mary Boone, Rochelle Krich, Cathy Pickens, Robin Burcell, Julianne Balmain,  Charlaine Harris, Nancy Martin, and Beth Wasson. We’re also want to thank our consultant, Bob Harris.


Strategic Goals Committee – 2002


In 2002, past president Barbara D’Amato led the board’s Goals Committee to create a 5-year plan. As they celebrated SinC’s 15-year anniversary, their epic goal setting helped springboard SinC’s framework to prepare for the next 15 years and beyond. We are grateful to this dedicated team: Barbara D’Amato, Leslie Budewitz, Kate Flora, Sue Dunlap, Mary Saums, Eve Sandstrom, Carolyn Hart, and Libby Fischer Hellman.

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