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Volunteer Opportunities 2018
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Calling all SinC members! We’re seeking enthusiastic volunteers to help shape the future of Sisters in Crime at the National level. This is your opportunity to get involved and give back while serving your fellow sisters. Below you’ll find a list of open positions along with their various descriptions. Each term begins at Bouchercon 2018 in St. Petersburg. If you’re interested, please click the link at the end of this email to submit your interest.

Due Date:  Responses should be received by April 15 for full consideration. We appreciate your readiness to serve.

We are currently seeking members to serve in several positions. Note that all positions are voluntary (without pay), though travel compensation may be provided to annual meetings, depending on the position. Though some positions list the term as one year, board members may serve up to five consecutive years.

Chapter Liaison

The position is elected for one (1) year term. The Chapter Liaison shall serve as the connection between the board and the chapters, ensuring that both entities are working together. In this capacity, the following are required:

  • hold chapter leaders’ meetings at Bouchercon;
  • maintain membership and post to the chapter presidents’ Yahoo group list;
  • advise chapters on their bylaws and operations;
  • work with groups that wish to become chapters;
  • continue to develop resources for chapters on the SinC website; and
  • work with the Authors Coalition rep/Grants Coordinator and staff as needed, to review event grant applications.

Author’s Coalition Representative/Grants Coordinator 

  • The position is elected for one (1) year term.
  • The Author’s Coalition Representative shall attend Author’s Coalition meetings, monitor AC receipts and activities, and report to the board as needed.
  • As Grants Coordinator, the representative will be the board’s liaison to the Eleanor Taylor Bland Grant Committee and the Academic Grants Committee.
  • The representative will work with the Chapter Liaison and staff to review all chapter event grant applications, and will be responsible for approving or denying the applications. The representative may refer any grant to the full board for discussion and approval.
  • Administers budgets for chapter events grants, Eleanor Taylor Grant Award, and Academic grants, to be set annually by a vote of the board.

Education Liaison

  • The position is elected for one (1) year term. 
  • The Education Liaison shall chair the Education Committee, and report to the board on all projects deemed to be the Education Committee’s responsibility, including the Speakers’ Bureau. 
  • The Education Liaison will oversee the Education Grant program.
  • The Education Liaison will oversee the Video Training program.


The Treasurer serves in an advisory capacity on the Executive Committee, acts as liaison with the Certified Public Accountant about tax matters, reviews quarterly financial statements and recommends action to the board, prepares annual budgets, monitors bank accounts and investments, signs tax returns and insurance documents among other duties. For a full description of this position please contact Sherry Harris at

Vice President/President/Immediate Past President

Term 3 years (Applications for all three positions are to serve consecutively—1st year as Vice President, 2nd as President, 3rd as Immediate Past President.) Type: Voting/Board

Vice President

  • The Vice President oversees the work of the standing committees, obtains progress reports from committees, sees that progress is reported to membership, and assists or substitutes for the President as required.
  • The VP will work with the Library Liaison to coordinate SinC’s participation in the ALA and PLA meetings (if applicable), and other library events as directed by the Board.
  • The Vice President shall be elected for a two-year term, during the second term of which, after ratification by a majority vote at the Annual Meeting, she shall serve as President.
  • The Vice President shall not run for the office of President or Vice-President until at least five (5) years have elapsed from the end of her term. 


  • The President shall be elected for one (1) one-year term, and shall not run for that office or the office of Vice-President again until at least five (5) years have elapsed from the end of her term.
  • The President shall preside at all membership meetings, and call and preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • The President sets goals and responsibilities, serves as an ad hoc member of committees, polls board members on major decisions, keeps members informed, serves as group spokesperson, and performs such other duties as the Board of Directors may from time to time determine.
  • The President shall serve on the Board as immediate past president for one year.
  • The President is Sisters in Crime’s chief public representative. 

Immediate Past President

  • The Immediate Past President shall serve on the Board in a voting capacity for the period of one year following her term.
  • The Immediate Past President shall serve on the Board in a voting capacity for the period of one year following her term. Although not required to do so, it is usually expected that she will leave the board following her term.
  • IPP heads the publishing summit team and is responsible for the final report.
  • IPP chairs the slate committee to identify, recruit, and nominate board members for vacancies to be filled by election at Bouchercon as her term is ending.
  • IPP is responsible for coordinating and chairing SinC into Great Writing, pre-Bouchercon, if the board votes to offer it.
  • IPP shall update the board orientation document annually and work with staff to provide it to new board members. 


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