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Member Types, Membership Terms, Pricing and Payment
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Welcome to the Sisters in Crime community!

When you join Sisters in Crime or renew your dues on our website, you will be given a few options for member types, membership terms, and payment methods. Each of these, along with current pricing, is detailed here.

The benefits of Sisters in Crime are shared with all members. We offer two membership types - Professional Membership and Active Membership. Sisters in Crime member types are self-selected. 


Professional Membership

Professional members are the voting members of Sisters in Crime. Professional members are one of the following: a crime writer at any stage in the process of writing and building a career, a bookseller, a publishing professional such as a publisher, editor, or agent, a librarian, an academic researcher, or anyone who has a business interest in promoting the purposes of Sisters in Crime. Professional members vote in elections and on by-laws, and therefore have a say in the direction of Sisters in Crime and how we serve the mystery community.

Professional Member Dues

  • Annual membership: $50
  • Annual auto-renew membership: $50
  • Lifetime membership: $500


Active Membership

Active members are non-voting members of Sisters in Crime. Active members are people who do not consider themselves to be writers or crime writing-related professionals, but who have an interest in promoting the purposes of Sisters in Crime. This member type includes, but is not limited to, fans and readers. Active members do not vote in elections or on Sisters in Crime by-law changes.

Active Member Dues

  • Annual membership: $40
  • Annual auto-renew membership: $40
  • Lifetime membership: $400



Membership Terms

  • One-year membership. You will be notified toward the end of your membership year that is time to renew. All SinC memberships end on December 31, unless you have joined after October 1 of that same year, in which case your membership will come due at the end of the following year.

  • One-year membership with auto-renew. This is the same as a one-year membership, except that instead of receiving an invoice at the end of the year, the credit card you entered will be automatically charged for dues for the following year. You will receive notice and receipt of this transaction.

  • Lifetime membership: You can also choose lifetime membership. Choosing this member type means you will not be invoiced for dues again, but will continue to receive membership benefits.


Payment Method

During the Join or Renew process you will also be asked to make payment. You can choose to enter your Mastercard or Visa information into our secure payment system or to receive an invoice you can pay by check. If you elect to pay by check your membership or renewal will not begin until your check is received.

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